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Giulio Schiavo

Content Creator

I create and publish digital content. Videos, websites, graphics. I manage social profiles, help entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses.

I collaborate with different professionals to offer the best service according to the client’s needs.

In my spare time, among many other things, I enjoy devouring movies, TV series, and planning my trips and then making small vlogs out of them.

I am a lover of time travel theories and theories of alternate universes.


The Blog of Giulio Schiavo

About Me

Inner Passion

The pleasure I took in pressing the keys on my father’s Olivetti as a child speaks volumes. I was born in 1990, and although it was already a dated system, my first computer was a Commodore 64 with 5¼-inch disks, used as a gaming console. From there on, at the turn of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the first PC graphics and web pages, all for fun. This was followed by a slow but definite transition to Macs and the Apple ecosystem in general.

After finishing high school, the passion becomes a job, mainly as a result of word of mouth. I accredited myself as a Graphic Designer and, after several work experiences at companies in different sectors, since 2017 I have been operating as a freelancer, a choice triggered by the desire to completely manage my time and to be able to freely choose which assignments to accept.

Where I Live

Capo d'orlando

Where I Work

anywhere, I just need the mac in my backpack
spirit of creativity

Areas of Activity

I take care of everything related to a company’s digital image. From designing the logo to creating the website, from managing social profiles to producing videos.


I create customized websites and web applications.

Graphic Design

Logos, graphic design and advertising graphics.


From filming to editing. Promotional and event videos.

My Works


Visit my portfolio to see some of my work. I hope you enjoy them.

Recently I have been working on...


Official Harley-Davidson dealer in Turin since 1991

Recently I have been working on...

LOP.CAR. Noleggi

Short-term and long-term car rental service and airport transfers

Recently I have been working on...


Company specialized in the production of pallets

More than for you, I work with you.

Happy Customers

The greatest satisfaction?
Customer satisfaction.

The best advertising medium?
Customer satisfaction.

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Parco Pelorias
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Passalacqua Legal Network
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Vanity Space

They say about me...

I consider Giulio to be a skilled professional, distinguished by a dynamism with which he is able to quickly fill multiple roles in the IT field. In addition to the website of the law firm I represent, I rely on his advice and expertise whenever I am faced with technological questions.
gianfranco passalacqua
Gianfranco Passalacqua
I am bound to Giulio by both friendship and work. In fact, we met each other through a mutual client. We have worked together on many occasions, me as a photographer and him as a videomaker. Right after I graduated, he made my website, which I am very pleased with and which allows me to communicate quickly with my potential clients.
Giovanni Di Blasi
Photographer, Architect
If you also want to work with me...


Just write me two lines and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also just ask me for advice, no problem.