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About Me

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Hello, it's Giulio!

"Slave" (Schiavo) only by last name.

My name is Giulio Schiavo and I am a freelancer, born in 1990.

I live in Capo d’Orlando, a town of 13,000 inhabitants in the province of Messina, right by the sea, from whose sense of openness I unconsciously draw inspiration for my activities.

After graduating from high school, I immediately started working, effectively turning what has always been a great passion of mine into a job: technology.

Combining technology and visual arts, I embarked on a career as a computer consultant and digital content creator, particularly advertising graphics and video.

In 2017, I also became involved in social media, managing accounts for companies operating in different sectors.

In particular, I was in charge of multiple music events by taking care of the social media of the main discos and organizing groups in my area.

I thus had the opportunity to relate with internationally renowned artists and related agencies. This has allowed me to specialize in the curation and dissemination of events related to the world of entertainment.

Development & Graphics

My skills

It seems like a lifetime since I wrote my first lines in HTML, and given the speed at which the Web moves, indeed it has.


Adobe Illustrator/Indesign
Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom


HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Apple Final Cut Pro
Adobe Animate

How I like to work

Dynamic approach

What sets me apart is having technical skills in all fields that make up the corporate image. From web programming to graphics, via video editing and public relations. A dynamic approach that allows me to offer comprehensive support both in person and by collaborating within a team. It is precisely of collaborations that I have treasured, having often found myself working alongside valuable professionals with whom I have then established an ongoing relationship.


The realization of an idea. From the name, to the logo. From the offer, to the post. Capturing people's attention by offering them engaging and impactful content.


Web applications built on customer needs, designed for mobile use. A few lines of code and the problem is solved.


Understanding the right channels to convey a project and knowing the right people to support its success. Images and words.


More minds, more ideas. Less practical work to do, more time to think. A network of professionals is what is needed to ensure quality and timeliness.

More than for you, I work with you.

Happy Cystomers

The greatest satisfaction?
Customer satisfaction.

The best advertising medium?
Customer satisfaction.

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Capo d'Orlando Marina
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Anfuso Auto
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Next Spa
Vanity Space

They say about me...

I have watched Giulio grow both anagraphically and professionally. From a very young Coconut customer, he became our web and social manager.
Gianfranco Bottino
Coconut Discoteca
Amazing how one person managed to take care of our website, social management, graphics and videos. It did happen, though, and this person's name is Giulio Schiavo.
Carlo Amata
Marketing Strategist